Percentage to Fraction Calculator

Convert a percentage to a fraction


Use this calculator to convert percentages to fractions.

  • Enter the percentage value as a decimal number. Do not include the '%' symbol.
  • Press "Convert To Fraction".
  • The equivalent fraction will appear above your input.

You may also convert percentages that are periodic numbers. If the repeating portion is longer than one digit, enclose it in parenthesis ( for example 2.4(35) ). If the repeating portion is only one digit add three dots (...) to the end of the number (for example 3.3...).

How to convert a percentage to a fraction

There are many ways to perform the conversion. This calculator performs the following steps:

First the number is converted to a fraction...

If, for example we are converting 12.5%:

$ 12.5 = \frac{25}{2} $

The fraction is then divided by 100. This is achieved by multiplying the denominator by 100:

$ \frac{25}{2} \div 100 = \frac{25}{2} \times \frac{1}{100}= \frac{25}{200} $

Now, all we have to do is simplify the fraction, so it becomes:

$ \frac{25}{200} = \frac{1}{8} $

Another approach is to first divide the number by 100 and then represent it as a fraction:

$ 12.5\% = 12.5/100 = 0.125 = \frac{125}{1000} = \frac{1}{8} $

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