Online Calculator

A simple online calculator with paper tape

This is a simple calculator that you can use online. It's functionality is the same as that of typical inexpensive pocket calculators.

It supports the operators for addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (X), division (/) and percentage (%).

The memory buttons are used to store and retrieve results from the internal memory. The 'M+' button, adds the result to the value currently in memory, the 'M-' subtracts the result from the value currently in memory. 'MC' deletes the contents of the memory and 'MR' recalls what is currently stored.

The 'C' button deletes the current result or the last typed number, 'AC' deletes all contents, including the content of the virtual paper tape.

The paper tape is scrollable. If you need to scroll up or down click on the it and use your mouse wheel, the up and down arrow keys or the 'Page Up' / 'Page Down' keys.

The text displayed on the virtual tape can be selected and copied to other applications (for example into notepad for printing, or into any other type of document).

This online calculator allows you to repeat the last operation multiple times by repeatedly pressing the 'equal' key. For example, for a countdown from 10, enter '10-1', then keep pressing '=' until the display shows 0.

This calculator can be used with the mouse or directly from the keyboard. However, before you can type from the keyboard you need to left-click (with your mouse) on the calculator itself. If you are looking for more functionality, such as scientific functions check out the other calculators available on Alcula` by using the navigation buttons at the top of the page.