Least Common Multiple (LCM) and ROUND functions added to the calculator

The LCM and ROUND functions have been added to Alcula’s Online Scientific Calculator’s release 0.7.

This article describes what they are and how to use them.

Least Common Multiple

LCM stands for ‘Least Common Multiple‘ or ‘Lowest Common Multiple‘. It is also referred to as ‘Smallest Common Multiple‘. As the name implies, given two or more integer numbers, their LCM is the lowest integer number that is multiple of all of them. That means that the LCM of a set of integer numbers can be divided by each of the numbers without a remainder

It’s a very important function that is used in Algebra expressions to perform operations with fractions.

The lcm function on the Scientific Calculator on this site takes two parameters. If you want to calculate it for more that two values, you need to nest multiple lcm functions. That’s until variable parameters functions are implemented, I’m working on it.

The Online Scientific Calculator uses the LCM function internally when it adds or subtracts fractions, so if you are using it, you will rarely need to use this function. However, if you are practicing fractions operations and don’t want to use the calculator all the way, this provides an easy way around the sometimes tedious process of finding the least common multiple by hand.

To use it, simply type: lcm(,) on the input field. If you want to calculate it for more than two numbers, for example for four numbers: lcm(number1,lcm(number2,lcm(number3,number4))) (mind the parenthesis).

Update: You may also calculate the least common multiple using the LCM online calculator.

The ROUND function

The round function transforms a real number by rounding it to the nearest integer. For example 4.34 becomes 4, 5.567 returns 5.

To call the round function, type round() in the calculator input field.

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The online scientific calculator is a tool that is free to use anytime. You can access it here.

Alcula's Online Scientific Calculator

Alcula's Online Scientific Calculator

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