Online Scientific Calculator

This is a formula calculator. Enter your expressions in the same order as you would write them on paper. Then press '=' to display the result.

Use parenthesis to alter the order of operations or to specify function parameters.

Example of a valid expression: (-3+sqrt(16/4))/4

Results are displayed as fractions when possible, as well as in their floating point approximation.

This calculator supports the following operators, functions and constants:


  • + - * /: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • cis: Use for entering complex numbers in polar form (For example 3cis4 = 3(cos4 + sin4) = 3e^(4i) )

Trigonometric functions

  • sin: Sine
  • asin: Inverse sine (sin-1)
  • sinh: Hyperbolic sine
  • cos: Cosine
  • acos: Inverse cosine (cos-1)
  • cosh: Hyperbolic cosine
  • tan: Tangent
  • atan: Inverse tangent (tan-1)


  • e: The constant e
  • i: The imaginary unit
  • pi: The constant PI (&pi)

Statistics functions

  • !: Factorial
  • perm: Permutations
  • comb: Combinations


  • ln: Natural Logarithm (base e)
  • log: Logarithm base 10

Other functions

  • abs: The absolute value
  • ans: The result of a previous expression
  • gcd: Greatest Commmon Divisor (see GCD)
  • int: The integer portion of a number
  • lcm: Least common multiple (See LCM for more info)
  • rand (without parenthesis): Returns a random number between 0 and 1
  • rand(n): Returns a random number between 0 and n
  • rand(n,m): Returns a random number between n and m
  • round: Rounds a number to its closest integer
  • sqrt: Square root

You can choose to display the results in a different notation. Choose between fixed, floating point, scientific or engineering notation using the preferences button.

Type your expressions directly in the calculator input field or use the on-screen keyboard view.