Introducing the online temperature conversion tool

Convert units of temperature between Celsius, Fahrenheit, kelvin and many other historical temperature scales, with Alcula’s handy temperature conversion tool.

How to convert between temperature scales

The latest addition to’s online conversion tools supports Fahrenheit. Celsius, kelvin, Rankine, Delisle, Newton, Réaumur and Rømer.

You can access the temperature converter from the navigation at the top of the page clicking Conversions/Temperature.

Conversion selector

Selecting the temperature units

The entry page displays the unit selection menu. Use the drop-down lists to select the scale you want to convert from and the scale that you want to convert to. Press the “Convert …” button to go to the required conversion page.

Temperature Units Conversion

Performing the conversion

The image below shows the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion page:

Convert Fahrenheit Celsius

To convert a temperature expressed in Fahrenheit to it’s Celsius equivalent, click on the top field, labeled “Fahrenheit” and enter the value. Then click on “Convert”. The corresponding value in Celsius is calculated and displayed in the bottom field.

The same page can also convert back from Celsius to Fahrenheit: simply enter the value in Celsius in the bottom field and click on “Convert”.

Conversion Formulas

The temperature conversion tool also shows the  formulae that it uses to perform each conversion. Scroll down the conversion page until you find the “xxx to xxx Conversion Formula” heading. Here is an example for Fahrenheit to Delisle:

Fahrenheit to Delisle conversion formula

The formula shows that to oonvert a temperature value expressed in degrees Fahrenheit to it’s equivalent in Delisle, you subtract the Fahrenheit (Tfahrenheit) value from 212 and multiply the result by the fraction 5/6.  The result is the temperature in Delisle (Tdelisle). This is the formula used by the converter.

The temperature conversion pages

For your convenience, here is a list of direct links to the individual unit conversion pages. Scroll down until you find the required conversion and click on the relative link.

Conversions from Fahrenheit

Conversions from Celsius

Conversions from kelvin

Conversions from Rankine

Conversions from Delisle

Conversions from Newton

Conversions from Réaumur

Conversions from Rømer

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