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This is an emulation of a simple pocket calculator. It supports the most common arithmetic operations and can be used for basic everyday math calculations.

You may operate this calculator using mouse or keyboard but a numeric keypad is recommended for faster typing and a more comfortable experience. When typing using a keypad use the 'Enter' key in place of the '=' sign. Most operations can be performed without moving the hand away from the keypad. If necessary press the NumLock key on your keyboard to enable the keypad. Note: Before using the keyboard you may need to click on the calculator once with your mouse. You can also left-click with your mouse on the buttons.

For more information on the simple virtual calculator see the instruction manual.

Example: To calculate the value of 88 x 9:

If the display shows 'E', the number was too big for the calculator to handle. In this case press 'AC' to reset the calculator.

You may use your keyboard instead of the mouse to enter numbers and the keys for 'c', '+', '-', 'x' (multiply) and '/'.