Simple Virtual Calculator Instructions

What is the Simple Virtual Calculator?

The Alcula' Simple Virtual Calculator is a simple tool to make simple math calculations. It works like most pocket calculators: press the buttons, the numbers appear on the display, press "=" to display the result, press "C" to delete etc.


The Simple Virtual Calculator is written in Macromedia Flash. Your browser must support Flash and have a recent version of the Flash player installed. If it doesn't, a message will appear the first time you access the calculator page, prompting you to install the player. Just follow the instructions and reload the calculator page if necessary, once you have installed the player.

Starting the calculator

To use the calculator, goto the simple calculator page on Alcula'. The first time you access the calculator, the page may take a while to load. Loading the calculator page should be faster after the first time. Once the page has finished loading, you should see the calculator, accompanied by some brief instructions.

Simple operations

The Simple Virtual Calculator supports the following operations:

Memory Operation

The calculator has one memory that can be used for storing values temporarily. To clear the memory (set it's value to 0), press the key 'MC'. To recall the value stored in memory use the key 'MR'. To add to the value in memory, press 'M+'. To subtract a value from the memory use the key 'M-'.


The Simple Virtual Calculator can be used to calculate percentages even though it doesn't have a '%' key. Read how on this document: Percentage

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